Things to Do

Stornoway Golf Club

Stornoway Golf Club is the  only  golf course on the Isle of Lewis, it's 18 holes are well designed and professionally maintained with panoramic views of Stornoway Harbour and the Minch. At only 5252 yards it may appear short by modern standards but there are plenty of hazards for wayward shots including mature trees, heather and gorse. 

The course record of 62 is held by two Stornoway Golf Club members

Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones are one of the most complete stone circles in Europe. The stones are made of Lewisian Gneiss which is one of the oldest rocks in Britain and dates back 3000 million years. The most atmospheric time to be at the Callanish Stones is at dawn or just after, or at sunset or shortly after, especially in mid winter. Good photos though are possible throughout the rest of the year. A photograph taken positioning a rising or setting sun behind the central stone results in a stunning image.

(Photos per Mo Thomson)
Mo Thomson Callanish

Mo Thomson Callanish Moon

Outer Hebridean Beaches

Mo Thomson SeilbostYou will be blown away with our beaches. Miles and miles of stunningly beautiful white shell sand, usually deserted, and turquoise clear water. You might imagine you have found yourself being on a tropical paradise. Choose from the beaches at Dalmore, Cliff, Valtos, Ardroil, Garry and Europie on Lewis. On Harris the most famous are at Luskentyre,Scarista and Seilebost. These are world beating beaches which arguably cannot be bettered.

Museum nan Eilean

The new Museum nan Eilean opened on 14 July 2016 in a modern purpose built extension to the restored Lews Castle. Exciting new galleries look at the stories of the Islands and Islanders.  Discover how the distinctiveness of the Outer Hebrides is shaped by a unique combination of land, sea and people. Hear details about different people’s lives; the diversity of experience, opinion and perception of living life at the edge of Europe. Examine how people have lived and worked from the earliest times to the present day,  how their culture is expressed through the Gaelic language, religion and community life.
Several of the iconic Lewis Chessmen are on permanent display.
Lewis Chessmen

The first single malt whisky from a distillery in the Outer Hebrides since 1829

 Spirit of Lewis

Abhainn Dearg Distillery (pronounced Aveen Jarræk), is located in Uig, Isle of Lewis. The distillery is the first legal whisky distillery in the Outer Hebrides in almost two hundred years. Established in 2008, the first spirit to leave the island was in 2010.  Later a special signed bottling of new spirit called, “The Spirit of Lewis” was offered and was quickly sold out. In the years since the distillery was founded it has achieved the objective of Marko, the owner. This was to produce a whisky entirely from within the Outer Hebrides, starting with growing the barley through to the final bottling. Go and have a look around the distillery while exploring Uig, it is certainly worth seeing (and tasting!)

Abhainn Dearag